Objective – To the isolation, Identification and Multiplication of Nitrifying Bacteria from Aquaphonics system.

Glasswere.- Petri plate , pipette , flaks , speeder , test tube.

Equipments – Autoclave , Laminar air flow , weighing balance, pHmeter.

Chemical. – Nutrient Agar , distill water

Sample -Soil sample collection from biobed.

Procedure –

Sample collection from biobed –

The soil sample were collected from different area of biobed by the use of a hand glove,spatula,sterile polythene bag.

preparation of soil sample using serial dilution method –

Prepared 1g of soil sample was weighted out and dissolved in 9ml of distill water and homogenized also 9 fold serial dilution of the homogenize sample was made.

  • Preparation of media –
  • Made 500ml nutrient agar media – 14g of nutrient agar dissolved in 500ml distill water then autoclave 121°c for 15min.
  • Pour plate method  :- After auticlaving media out into the laminar air flow ( surface sterilizedof LAFbefore using) media was cooked but not solidify pour 25ml into each plate and leave paltes on the sterile surface until the agar has solidify.

After solidify agar plating in 0.1ml of bacterial suspension is poured by using micropipette and the pour of suspension is spread uniformly on the agar plate by a sterilized glass spread.

Then inoculated plates are incubated at 37°c for 24 hrs.

During this period each isolated individual bacteria call on the agar plate grows and multiplied rapidly to produce a microscopic visible mass of bacterial cells called a colony.

After 3 days grows nitrifying bacteria on Nutrient Agar media