Automatic Rain Gauge counter :

In general at low cost to measure rain fall we use rain gauge which is made from fennel and bottle. In this rain gauge we  need to calculate the rain fall by mathematical calculation and once bottle fill completely we need to empty it and measure rain fall from beginning. It is very headache work.

So we design rain gauge which doesn’t need to do complicated calculation and no need to empty the bottle.

Design  of this rain gauge is as shown  in picture. In this project we use Counter, Plastic bottle , Fennel, Flexible plastic pipe.

Arrangement of this rain gauge is as shown in picture. Fennel is placed at top of bottle and counter is placed it bottom of bottle along with transparent base so that we can see the counter reading and counter is protect from water. The flexible pipe is attached to bottle at level  B which count 500 ml volume.

We use a fennel of diameter= 206 mm

When rain fall start the bottle start filling from level A to level B. At level B there is one pipe whose one end is touch to level A in bottle and other end is more down than level A. When bottle fill upto level B  then due to this weight of water counter count a once and bottle gets completely empty and counter comes to original position, and this process repeat as rain fall.

As a bottle fill and empty one time means 15 mm rain is fall and by multiplying the number of count to 15 we get total rain fall.

Total rain fall(mm)= Number of count shown by counter *15

Rain Gauge install at Vigyan Ashram.