The batch loaded on 20th DEC’18 was failed because of the electricity problem. We didn’t get any drying data. I am finding all possible replacement to electricity.


To see proper content of water hold by saw dust I did experiment on 27th DEC’18. I did the following procedure,

  1. First, take 3.164 kg sawdust and 11 kg of water
  2. I mixed it well kept it for 1 hour
  3. Then I tied it in cloth for half an hour
  4. Then I took LOD of four samples of dry sawdust.
  5. The samples LOD from 1 to 4 are 7.84%, 7.53%, 7.4%, 7.02% respectively.
  6. Then take wet saw dust LOD and it was 72.6%.


I used the battery for a backup power supply but it burst because the all system continuously runs day night for 3 to 7 days depending upon drying of the substrate. And another observation was sawdust holds 72% water.

Next Plan:

Find Out another replacement to electricity. And follow the
above new procedure for next sawdust+water mixture trials.