Odorless toilet is a toilet is a regular toilet in which we just modify the outlet of the toilet. The outlet is modified in such a way that it has U shape and we put some liquid in it which has less density than urine (water). so that urine flow through it and ammonia gas formed in outlet not come from it. 


water saving and making odorless toilet in low cost.


Simple principle that, low-density fluid float on high-density fluid. 

In the urinary toilet, bad smell of ammonia feels, because ammonia formed in urine drainage come in the toilet through the outlet pipe and so Large amount of water is required for cleaning this toilet. If we prevent this ammonia come into the toilet from drainage then we no need to clean it regularly.

Old design of outlet of our toilet is as follows :

Cost of the outlet of old design = RS 20 /-
but require large out for cleaning.

fig1. Outlet pipe

In this project, we prevent this ammonia by sealing it with the help of water. I have changed the design of the outlet pipe as shown in the picture.

As a urine has urine has more density than oil so it flow through the oil and go to the drainage and ammonia formed in the drainage cannot go the toilet due oil seal. But in our toilet we  2 inch diameter  transparent flexible pipe. Outlet of urine pot and inlet of drainage has 2 inch diameter  pipe. But such pipe not available in local market. So we use semi-transparent pipe. But we cannot see the oil level through this pipe.

Cost for this Design= RS 330 /-

dig. Redesigned outlet pipe

So we redesign the outlet as shown in picture.

Here we use 1 inch diameter pipe. To see the  oil level we use transparent pipe only for this region and oil use is vegetable oil(soyabin oil).

Material Require :

  • 1 inch L bow=6
  • 1” pipe= 3 feet
  • 1.5” to 1” Reducer=2
  • 1″ transparent tube= 1 foot
  • 1” clip=1
  • PVC solution

Cost of this Design = Rs 276 /-

fig2. Redesigned outlet pipe


  1. Low maintenance.
  2. LLow-cost odorless toilet.