According to Hypothesis DC motors are 50-60% more efficient than AC motors. Since the ceiling, pedestal, table fans consists of motors, it is possible to use the DC motors in these fans. To increase the efficiency BLDC motors could be used.
50 watts consuming AC fans are to be replaced by the 12 watts DC personal fans. These personal fans can be wall mounted, table mounted as well as inside the mosquito net. Study says that air from ceiling fans is not very effective inside the mosquito net. Different data for different rooms, environments, systems are to be collected.
Instead of investing in the AC fans, DC fans could be installed in the same Cost and it would more efficient.
Did Market Survey of the DC fans. Found out hardly one reliable company REMI which is manufacturing the dc fans.


Converter circuit diagram 230 v AC into 12 v DC.

Components and Functions:
Stepdown Transformer (230 V AC to 12 v AC ): A Step down Transformer is a type of transformer, which converts a high voltage at the primary side to a low voltage at the secondary side. 230 voltage is converted into 12 v DC.
Diodes or Bridge Rectifier : To rectify AC current into pulsating DC waveforms.  an electrical device which converts an alternating current into a direct one by allowing a current to flow through it in one direction only. (12 V AC converted into 12 V DC)
7812 Voltage Regulator: voltage Regulator  is one of the most widely used electronic circuitry in any device. A regulated voltage . 7812 IC which regulates the output voltage at 12 volts.
Capacitor: to filtering the DC voltage.

Eagle software was used for design the diagram.


I have made PCB board by used switchboard design.


1. Solar power supply (DC )

2. AC Power Supply (AC Voltage )

Installing it with solar panels can make your FANs free for lifetime and using with AC to DC converter will make your utility bills 65% less. Payback period can be calculated for given location as we have roughly calculated for DIC lab in excel sheet. Screenshot of which is attached below: –

Following things were done,

1. DC fans are fitted in the ashram itself (DIC lab , Ranjeet sir cabin, Kulkarni sir cabin)

2.Solar Power supply was installed and fans are working smoothly. (Ranjeet sir cabin, Kulkarni sir cabin).

3.Base of fans are fabricated by three different material,( Wood, Plastic ,Plate)