There are many machines at fablab. some of the machines i have learnt are 3D-printer,laser cutter,Modella machine and vinyl cutter.

3D -Printer- 

3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. For this first we have to make the virtual design by using the scanner, 3d-modeling or design software which are available in various formats.i was working on the accucraft 3d printer.  In this, there are two methods either to design own model or download it from the online website.

  1. I chose to download stl file from online websites.
  2. Now after selecting design for printing i used Repetier host software to interface computer with 3d printer.
  3. I used software  cura which is used to re-size (scale down)or minimize the design model.The file should be in only stl format.
  4. After that i used KISSlicer which is basically used to change stl file into machine language that is g-code for 3d printer.
  5. After that i uploaded g-code file into Repetier Host,is a software used to give print command to the 3d printer.

Laser cutter-

Its name suggests about its working. laser cutting is a technology that uses laser to cut materials. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. In this, we need software for design. On laser cutter, you can use MDF and acrylic sheet.

  1. I used Inscape software for 2D-design.
  2. RD works software is used to interface machine with the computer. i uploaded file in ardiworks and gave it for cutting.

Modella Machine-

  1. In this i used fab module and Ubuntu operating system.
  2. In Fab module i uploaded png file for making pcb design and then sent it to the machine .
  3. Before sending i stick pcb with double sided tape on modella bed .
  4.   Before starting milling i checked bed level at 4 different points.Because  improper leveling can cause damage to drilling bit.

Vinyl Cutter-

A vinyl cutter is a computer controlled devices used for cutting vinyl roll,making sign ,cutting designs and banners.

  1. In this i used fab module software for giving instructions to machine.
  2. I uploaded png file and then gave it for print.