Material – 1.Bacterial culture or previously poured bacterial agar plate. 2.Inoculation loop. 3. Lighter. 4. Bunsen burner. 5. Ethanol. 6. Agar plate. 6. Tissue paper.

Procedure –

  • Firstly sterilized the surface area of laminar and then put the bacterial plate , inoculation loop, lighter, Bunsen burner into the laminar.
  • Then sterilized the inoculating look Bunsen burner by putting the loop into the flame until red hot and allow it to cool
  • Then pick an isolated colony from the previously agar plate culture and spread it over the first quadrant ( approximately 1/4 the plate) using close parallel streak.
  • Immediately streak the inoculating loop very gently quarter of the plate using a back and fourth motion.
  • Then flame the loop again and allow it to cook and going back to the first area that just streaked extend the streaks into the second quarter of the plate.
  • Above process reapeted up to 3 and 4 quater.
  • Flame the loop once again
  • Then streaked plates are real by using parafilm and put in the incubator (37oc for 24 hrs.)

After 3 days grows different types of pure colony of nitrifying bacteria on jensen media streak plating