I have checked thermal insulation properties FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic). We are making one dryer in FRP that’s why I need to test this property.


I get one close box of FRP and filled it with boiled water at 67′ C. This box is fully air tightened with rubber mat, with no leakages.

I started this experiment. I checked last reading at 9:12 AM morning the temperature was 33’C and constant onward.

10:12 PM677.140
10:22 PM667.140
10:32 PM647.138
10:42 PM637.138
10:52 PM617.138
11:02 PM607.134
11:12 PM597.134
11:22 PM587.136
11:32 PM567.136
11:42 PM557.136
11:52 PM54
12:02 AM53
12:12 AM52
12:22 AM51
12:32 AM50
12:42 AM
12:52 AM
09:12 AM33
09:30Constant temperature onward