Problem Definition :

There was problem in finding out keys of particular labs from the box. And the look of the box was so clumsy therefore there was difficulty in searching keys. it was little bit time consuming process.

Objectives :

  1. To make a key holder.
  2. To make it easy and durable.
  3. To hold all keys systematically.

Why ?

  • Because key holder will be easy to hold all the keys.
  • There will not be problem of finding keys in box.
  • Less time consuming process.

Work Done Status:

  • Firstly we have made a design of key holder with dimensions of rectangle, such as; 540 mm length and 420 mm width in Inkscape app.
  • Then after that, we have drawn  27 boxes of dimension such as 40 mm length and 30 mm width with suitable spacing between them in this rectangle.
  • Further that we have listed name of keys of all labs in boxes and saved.
  • Then this saved file imported to RD works, but it was seen that RD works software not supported this file and software do not shows the listed names in design.
  • Then again we have made similar design in RD works software and listed names of keys in boxes and file saved as .dxf file.
  • Then this .dxf file was imported to laser engraving machine.
  • For making key holder we have used MDF material.
  • Hence, engraving and cutting was done with the help of laser machine.
  • Then after that we have purchased hooks of 3mm size from market for holding keys.
  • Firstly we have drilled with drilling machine on MDF and then hooks were properly fixed on MDF.
  • After that, we have painted this holder with touch wood for longer life.
  • Hence, our key holder was prepared and then this holder was fixed to wall in office.