To introduce what is 3D printing and 3D models to school students under Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) program while doing it.

On 25th March 2019, I and Poornima had taken Adarsh Vidyalaya Amboli
3D printing workshop & Sardar Raghunathrav Dhawale Kendur school students 3D designing and printing workshop.

On 28th March 2019, I and Priyanka had taken a workshop on 3D printing of New English School Koinde BK, Dist. Pune’s students. I taught them what is 3D printing?, types of 3D printer, 3D printing method and design software, how 3D printer works?, Safety precautions and maintenance related things.

To learn 3D printing refer following power point presentation,

You can also refer to https://3dprinting.com site to know more about 3D printing.

I had used Fractal Works -Julia 3D printer for 3D printing. Filament used for 3D printing was Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).

3 D printer

Jobs created by Adarsh Vidyalaya Amboli students are below,

The jobs created by students New English School Koinde BK are below,


Students learned to do 3d printing. They had created their jobs in 123d design software and printed it.