I chose sawdust and water mixture as a substrate because its water evaporation rate is high when heated. And I will get a more accurate loss on drying data. I decided to do an experiment on sawdust. Because it is low cost and it can be reused again. For that, I calculated LOD of the black and white saw, were accordingly 80.9% and 89.679%.


The procedure followed was as per the previous experiment,

  1. I took 3 kg black sawdust, 570 gm of white sawdust added in it.
  2. 10 kg of water added in it.
  3. I have loaded sawdust on 17th NOV’18 at 2 pm.
  4. I Took 12 samples for LOD after 18 hours from batch loaded. To get more accurate drying data.
  5. After 28 hours and 43 hours, I took two more samples
  6. There LOD was as follows,
fig1. LOD Data


Created procedure for the next sawdust trials by analyzing the last trial.

Next Plan:

To do the next trials as per procedure.