Date:- 13 August 2019

Aim:- I learn COD of gray water samples i.e inlet & outlet

Introduction:-I had learned about COD procedure by taking COD of gray water system sample (i.e inlet & outlet) >

Image-1 COD Apparatus

PROCEDURE:- I collect sample (i.e Inlet & outlet) from different gray water system .

Image-2 Inlet
Image-3 Outlet

1)Take 0.4 gm mercuric sulphate COD tube


Blank solution KHP Solution Inlet outlet
40ml Distilled water 20 ml KHP  solution 20 ml gray water system  inlet water sample 20 ml gray water system outlet water sample
20  ml distilled water 20 ml distilled water 20 ml distilled water

3)Added stone

4)Added 10 ml (0.25N) Potassium Dichomate sol.

5)Added 30 ml Sulphuric Acid slowly along with swirling

6)If turn green added more quantity of pottassium dichromate

7)kept COD tubes in cod appratus

8)attached condenser

9)keep temp.150 for 2 hours

10)cooled solutions

11)Added 150 ml distilled water in above solution

Image-4 COD Tubes With Samples


Titrate with 0.1N FAS( Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate)

Indicator-Ferron indicator

End point-Blue Green Reddish Brown


  Blank KHP Inlet Outlet
reading 9.2 4.6 5.3 8.1
COD 469.2 397.8 112.2


COD:- (a-b)*N*8000/ml of sample

a-blank solution


N-normality of FAS

*Need of this experiment :-We have to need of understand how much COD of gray water systems inlet water samples and outlet water samples . By using this method we can find purity of water sample

Assignment:-2  Learn Prerana Kit 

Date:- 23 August,2019

Aim:- By using prerana kit take test of soil .

We can find 5 parameters in soil by using prerana kit i.e,pH, N, P, K, OC.

Prerana kit

Procedure for pH:-

1)Take 5 ml pH reagent in glass bottle-1

2)Added 2gm soil sample in this bottle with help of funnel

3)waite 10 minute

4)compaire this bottle with pH colour comparator

*procedure for N

\1)Take 6ml AN1 solution in test bottle 1

2)Added 1gm soil sample

3)mix contain for 1 minute

4) Wait for 5 min

5) soil will settle down with the help of dropper take solutin in bottle no 2 at 2ml mark

6)added 4 drop AN2 &AN3 mix gently

7)compair this bottle solution with ‘N’ colour comparator

*procedure for phosphorous

1)similar to nitrogen added AN1, AN2 AN3 in addition added AP1 AP2 AP3

2)compair this bottle with ‘P’ colour comparator

*procedure for ‘K’

1)Take 1gm soil sample in reagent AP1

2)after soil settle 2ml clear solution take in bottle 2 with help of dropper

3)Added AK2 (1 tablet) kept bottle 6 min

4)added AK4 2drops at time

5)compare this bottle with ‘K’ color comparator

*procedure for OC

  1. Take 100 mg soil sample in glass bottle
  2. Added 10 drops of OC1 & 18 drops of OC2
  3. Kept this sol. for 13 minute
  4. Added OC 3 make up at 5 ml
  5. Keep it for 8 minute
  6. Compare this bottle with OC color comparator readings


Above result indicate that PH of polyhouse soil is perfect and oc is also in medium as well as P & N is in limit. In chilli farm limit of PH is perfect but limit of orgaic carbon is very less as well as P & N is less in quantity

Assignment  no.3:- Learn Nagarjuna  Kit

Aim:- Find 12 parameter in soil by using Nagarjune kit

Nagarjuna soil tester

By using Nagarjune kit I had found out following parameters of soil.

PH, EC, Oc, N, P, Mn, I, Cu, K, S, Zn, B .

Apparatus :-

Whole Nagarjune kit ( Shaker , Heater, plastics tubes, beakers, soil tester)

Nagarjuna kit


I followed Nagarjune kit manual procedure for finding out above parameter

Nagarjuna kit bottels

collect soil sample different places /different farmers farm.

  Different places Soil Samples

Soil Testing results

Parameter Soil sample 1 Soil sample 3 Soil sample 3
PH 7 6.5 8
Ec 0.31ms/cm 0.66ms/cm 0.48ms/cm
K 331.5mg/kg 67.18mg/kg 418.2mg/kg
Oc 0.47% 0.69%  0.60%
N 525 mg/kg 385mg/kg 461.8mg/kg
S 130mg/kg 97mg/kg 115mg/kg
P 61.66kg/ha 111.7kg/ha 123.3kg/ha
Fe 3.36mg/kg 4.36mg/kg 8.28mg/kg
Mn 4.05mg/kg 7.20mg/kg 6.30mg/kg
Cu 1.31mg/kg 5.89mg/kg 0.56mg/kg
Zn 2.59mg/kg 0.92mg/kg 4.99mg/kg
B 38mg/kg 20mg/kg 30mg/kg