To make changes in drying apparatus I and Ameya decided to list out all hardware and software related problems occuring in drying apparatus.

Learning from the previous experiment on drying apparatus

In the previous experiment, I have collected trial data of water on drying apparatus but there some problems were found because of that it didnt work properly. On 16th DEC’18 Ameya and I did one experiment on water using drying apparatus. We listed out problems and we decided to follow one procedure to see is working well or not after doing required changes.

The procedure I have to follow is,

  1. First I should check Temperature and Relative Humidity from the digital sensor.
  2. Then I should check Temperature and RH from the website for cal-liberation.
  3. After that, I have to take a sensor reading from digital display Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, and RH.
  4. Then I have to put a thermometer in the pipe check temperature
  5. After that, I should put Sensors in the pipe and check readings of the dry bulb, wet bulb, and RH before setting temperature and after taking reading to remove it.
  6. I have to set temperature and on the fan.
  7. I have to put a thermometer in pipe check temperature
  8. Wait for Set temperature and display value to be same up-to 10 minute.
  9. Then I have to Compare thermometer temperature and Set Temperature.
  10. I should put dry bulb and wet bulb unit into the pipe and check values of Dry bulb, Wet bulb, and RH.
  11. After that above all procedure in the exhaust pipe.


We made a procedure to run the drying apparatus properly.

Next Plan:

Do listed changes to drying apparatus.