I have assisted 9 DBRT student’s in their respective projects.

Student name and blog links are given below:-

Sr. No.Project NameStudentSection Blog Link
1SprouterAnisha DhebeWorkshop http://anishadhabe.blogspot.com/
2Domestic Composter Model 1Abhishek WalkeWorkshop http://abhishekwalke.blogspot.com/
3Domestic Composter Model 2Shankar JadhavWorkshop http://shankarjadhav1.blogspot.com/
4Domestic Composter Model 3Gorakshnath TawhareWorkshop http://gorakshtawhare.blogspot.com/
5Domestic Composter Model 4Akshay ThoratWorkshop http://akshaythorat372.blogspot.com/
6Domestic Composter Model 5Mayur MoreWorkshop http://mayurmore123.blogspot.com/
7Trial on Dome Drier 1Tejas GhogreFoodlab & Human Health
8Trial on Dome Drier 2Suraj ChaugaleFoodlab & Human Health
9Sprouter ReadingAnil WaykarFoodlab & Human Health http://anilwaykar.blogspot.com/