It was group assignment. To make ARTI dryer for New English School Dhamari.


  1. To make ARTI dryer at low cost
  2. To dry vegetables

Work Done Status:

Procedure followed:

  1. cutting of 4 bamboos , 167 cm each
  2. Drilling of bamboos at the top leaving 5 cm spacing from top
  3. Inserting 5 mm rod into the drilled holes by bending it at 10 cm distance forming a square. It forms pyramid shape
  4. Drilling of bamboos to hang trays
  5. Cutting of bamboos vertically from middle for making frame for the trays
  6. Cutting flat plate each of 14.5 cm and drilling to fix them with bamboos by converting them into L angle
  7. Bamboo frame is formed by using L angle and nut and bolt
  8. Covering the frame by net and sieving it with the help of thin wire
  9. Hooks are inserted into drilled holes of bamboo to hang trays. Support is provided to tie trays to hooks
  10. Black cover is cut according to dimensions of the dryer and velcro is attached to make it easy to open and close and to increase efficiency of the dryer.
  11. Dryer is ready to install.