In this training I have taken sessions on two topics:-

1] Sprouter:-

In sprouter I made one domestic sprouter which is very useful for single home. I used one plastic bin, one water pump, bubbler, sieve, pipe stand and some hardware.

Cost Estimation of Domestic Sprouter:-

Plastic Bin:- Rs. 100

Water Pump:- Rs. 300

Bubbler:- Rs. 160

Sieve:- Rs. 80

Hardware and other materials:- Rs. 50

Total :- Rs. 690

I have taken a session on Sprouter for Foodlab and Human Health staff in IBT section. I teach them benefits of sprouts. Also shows the experimental model and how to make it.


I have started experiment on 100 gm of total Mug, Matki, and little bit Chawli.

Experimental setup:-

I did one experiment on this setup with 100 gm of total mug, matki, chawli. I started this experiment without pre-soaking of this material and this result got tremendous. Images of this results are:-

2] Composter:-

  • One session taken on composter in IBT training for staff of Energy and Environment section on 6 June 2018.

I taught them what is the composting, types of waste, why it needs to be in aerobic condition, how to take reading, how should be moisture content, percentage of brown matter and culture, needs of rotation for drum.I made one process chart for simple understanding and taught them how it works.I made one household composting unit for Energy and Environment department to taught them how it works.I made this composter with the help of staff of workshop department of IBT section on 7 June 2018.


Cost Estimation of Household Composting Unit:-

35 liter drum:- Rs. 320

2 Bearings:- Rs. 180

Metal frame:- Rs. 100

Hardware materials:- Rs. 100

Color:- Rs.50

Total:- Rs. 750

  • This unit is manually operated and simple in design and fabrication.
  • I have taken trial on this model with 2 kg of culture, 1 kg with 0.5 bhusa kg water and with 1 kg wet waste daily on 11 June 2018.

This trial needs 5 rotations daily. This experiment goes very good in results.This process has to be run up to 15 days after 15 days we can add 1 kg bhusa and experiment can goes up to 30 days.