Objective: – To fabricate the outlet for shredder.

Material: – 6 mm tmt bars, power cutter, grinder, welding machine, spray gun, measuring tape, paint.

Procedure: –

1. The measurement of existing shredder outlet was taken with the help of measuring tape.

2. There were 3 horizontal rods and 7 vertical rods.

3. Then 6 mm diameter bar was taken and cut it as per dimensions. The two horizontal rods were of 34 cm long and seven vertical rods were of 9 cm length to form an outlet for shredder.

4. The rods were welded with welding machine.


5. The shredder was then polished with polish paper and it was painted with primer i.e. with red oxide.

6. The next day shredder was painted with black color by using spray gun.


Bill of material: –

Sr. No. Material Price (Rs)
1. TMT bar 57
2.   Welding 100
3.   Cut off 20
4.   Colour and red oxide 140
Total Rs. 317

Learning outcome: –

1. Cutting by power cutter

2. Welding