Objective: To repair scrap box.

Material: Grinder, Welding machine,Hand cutter,polish paper,Net cutting tool,black paint,painting brush.


1] Remove scrap which were already inside the scrap box and make it empty.

2] By using grinder four legs of the scrap box were cut down.

3] Three strips of MS were cut according to the length and width of box and then welding of that strips on already available net were done.

4] Net were cut for one side of the box by using hand cutter and net cutting tool and then it attached on that side by welding.

5] The section which were damage are repair using welding.

6] Finally by using polish paper rust were remove. For prevention from rust redox solution apply on the box and after drying of it black paint apply by using painting brush.

Skill Developed : Mainly cutting and welding skill improve,joining of two metal sheets,painting skills.