Objective – To make chopper to chop kitchen waste

Material – MS pipe, welding, cutting machine, hammer, primer, paint.


1)First select the MS pipe and cut into the proper dimension.

The dimension are given below

Diameter -4cm

Pipe height – 153.5cm

2)Then metal plate is cut in to the proper dimension for blade purpose.

Blade height -10cm

Blade length – 20cm

Blade are bend using hammer.

3)After complete the blades, blades are fixed in to the MS pipe using welding.

4)After cut the metal plate, metal strip are bend using hammer.

5)After fabrication of blades in required dimensions, blades were fixed in to the MS pipe using welding.

6)After completion of welding procedure, red oxide was applied over the chopper and after 24 hrs the chopper was painted using black paint.

Learning part – In this assignment I learn about many machines, material and equipment, machinery likes cutting machine, welding machine and grinder machine.

Also I learn about, how can operate this machine and machine working principle.

Sr.No. Material Price(Rs)
1 TMT bar 57
2 Welding 100
3 Cut off 20
4 Colour and red oxide 140
Total   317
Sr.No. Material Price(Rs)
1 MS pipe 75
2 MS sheet 50
3 Welding 100
4 Grinder 25
5 Cut off 20
6 Paint and red oxide 100
Total   370