Problem Statement:- To shred kitchen waste material for the domestic composter. Because of shredding, it reduces the decomposition unit.

Objective:- To make a shredder for the domestic composting unit.

Features:- Manually operated

– Handy

– Portable

– Easy Operating

– Low cost


The design is a simple 2 shaft mechanism made in acrylic and parts are cut on a laser cutter.

Blade Design:-


First Assembly:-


First Prototype:-

This prototype is made from 6mm acrylic sheet. Cutting was done on laser cutter available in Vigyan Ashram. On a square metal tube shaft blade and the spacer is mounted and side holder. The gear is provided for a simple mechanism to shred the materials.

Youtube trial video of shredding sere leaves in this design:-

I have learned these skill from this project:-

  1. Design study.
  2. Mechanical Machine design
  3. Laser Cutting

By cost analysis I have to choose better and cost effective material for shredding blade.

So I need a temporary solution for this shredder. Because this project gonna take so much time and experimental trials. So I have find out solution for this shredding kitchen waste.

Please click this link for another temporary solution of shredder. Compost Chopper