1. To make graph based on data obtained from survey.
  2. To study problems faced by people while, surveying grey water.
  3. To find appropriate area for drainage


Gray water is the water used from bathroom and kitchen sinks, bathtubs, washing machines and dishwashers. Any water in direct contact with human waste, such as toilet water, is excluded from it. Gray water accounts for 70-60% of the total water consumed, while it may appear impure for irrigation with some dirt such as: hair, food, dust and detergents, but it is safe and even beneficial for gardens and plants. The graywater system is installed by a plumber, and requires no plumbing modification or underground system installation. The simplest way to make use of gray water is to drain it directly outside, then the water will be filtered through the graywater system and then diverted to irrigation for plants and trees.

By collecting data from people we can determine actually percentage of people who exactly knows this system and supports to grey water reuse. While collecting data our purpose will be to provide knowledge about grey water and make them aware of grey water reuse. This will be helpful for water conservation.


Prepared list of questions for survey


When we discussed about project with Prasad sir he told us to make 3 template of this questions.