[Review conducted by Supriya K.]

Note- No one has completed all the tasks in the last week. So this task list includes pending as well as upcoming tasks

  1. Abhijeet Savant
    1. ARTI Cookstove
      1. Improve webpage and make it  in the  ‘main page + blog’ format
      2. Follow user-readable structure.
      3. Highlight client feedback.
      4.  Task for next week:
        1. Going to meet client on 1st august.
    2.  Provenant Systems:
      1. “Final product” caption on images not true.
      2. Repeat comments as before.
      3. Task for next week:
        1. Update Contract Review Document in discussion with client. Ask about material cost (3d printing bills, etc) and whether we will have to develop the pcb for the module.
        2. Upload contract document on web
    3. Task for net week: Take up FRP Geodesic dome project ASAP.
  2. Jyoti Dhumal (absent )
    1. Website format needs working.
    2. Not many new updates on website. Jyoti needs guidance. Vijay has taken responsibility to guide her.
    3. Task for next week:
      1. Finish putting slurry from biogas digester into compost pit.
      2. More inputs awaiting from Vijay E.
  3. Sandeep Jundare
    1. Task for next week:
      1. Update website after discussion with Vijay E. and Subir B.
      2. Update status of rain guage.(write usefulness of devices)
      3. Greywater cooler:
        1. Display working prototype of grey water cooler on website. Photos and videos and description please!
        2. Need to use handwash/bathroom grey water and test for smell.
        3. Answer question on blog: Does aeration of grey water destroy the smell of grey water?
      4. Talk to village elders about upgrading toilets at Pabal.
      5. Circulate rainwater to farm tank .
  4. .Mayur Daptare
    1. Vibration charger – Electronics section.
      1. Website is in order.
      2. About LM317 experiments: The video quality was not good, but its overall a good start.
      3. The piezo option on this post is a sensor and not for producing power. Please do not make this mistake again.
      4. Task for next week:
        1. Paste the video link directly on wordpress so that the video can be viewed directly.
        2. Need more market survey of powerbanks vs vibration charger.
        3. Clear mistakes marked above.
        4. Make updated circuit with: Transformer -> bridge rectifier -> LM317 -> 5V 500mA output.
    2. Low cost weather station:
      1. Need for system: please elaborate by answering following questions
        1. Who needs it?
        2. Who can probably need it?
        3. Who is the current customer and why this current customer needs it? Where will the current customer want to use it?
        4. Please give pricing for competing products.
      2. Very good breakup of tasks on this page. However, timeline is very important and task breakup is not complete without project timeline.
      3. Tasks for next week:
        1. Make timeline for tasks.
  5. Swami Kalekar
    1. Vibration Charger (mechanical)
      1. Website not in “mainpage + blog format”.
      2. Market survey incomplete: Give links on other such devices, how they work, what they cost. Can we make them in india or if we can then why not?
      3. Tasks for next week
        1. Do not write blog in all bold!
        2. Make actual(3d printed or laser cut) large gear pendulum model discussed last time.
        3. Show demo of working model.
        4. Update website.
        5. Complete market survey.
    2. E-commerce bike box:
      1. Tasks for next week:
        1. Prepare concept note:
          1. Title
          2. Background
          3. Client details
          4. Market survey: What existing products exist for such applications? Contact a courier delivery person to get his/her feedback.
          5. Objectives from client
          6. Timeline.
        2. Call Mr. Hemant Bhange on Wednesday 3rd Aug
  6. Vijay Erande
    1. Grey water filter
      1. Format not in ‘mainpage+blog’.
      2. External content should be under ‘Notes’ category and not on mainpage.
      3. No updates in last week on filter performance.
    2. COD Digestor: Take help from Swami to finish it.
    3. Tasks for next week:
      1. Make rough design of grey water soak pit filter.
      2. Identify place for soak pit near kitchen.
      3. Visit Saswad to work on Greeny project.
      4. Check content of Jyoti and help her in project.
      5. Check contents of Sandip J. website and write a report to Subir B
  7. Prachi Samarth
    1. About page missing contact details.
    2. POV assignment: Good documentation but the assignment is not complete because it is not on a stand.
    3. Prosthetic hand:
      1. Not in user readable format of title, background, objectives, etc.
      2. Blog updates good!
      3. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make main project as electronic prosthetic hand. Here you can give all updates in blog format related to arduino and stuff.
        2. Make assignment of Isabella and mechanical hands.
        3. Update on the measurements of client and how you would proceed on the job. How much time will it take and expected cost of manufacturing.
    4. Talking Ganesha
      1. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make a visit to blind school to understand situation. Report on website under new assignment.
        2. Big target: make TG easy and reliable to use. So in next review
          1. List problems with current system
          2. List how to solve these problems?
        3. Give timeline of project.
  8. Vishwas Shinde (absent but due to lack of DIC staff coordination)
    1. Solar sanitary pad incinerator
      1. Website format: Please remove list from the beginning of page.
      2. Main page not complete.
      3. Solidworks drawings are very good. But photos missing.
      4. Timeline missing.
      5. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make pages in ‘mainpage+blog’ format.
        2. Update latest photos.
    2. Baling machine
      1. Page format not consistent. Use standard fonts.
      2. Tasks for next review
        1. Remove “see here” for video links.
        2. Make pages in ‘mainpage+blog’ format
        3. Make concept note for small size baling machine as discussed with Mr. Sunil Bhondge of Greeny.
  9. Dipali Kambale:
    1. NCL project
      1. Webpage not in mainpage + blog format.
      2. Webpage not complete.
      3. Timeline missing.
      4. Doctor’s reviews missing.
      5. Tasks for next review:
        1. First draft concept note should be published here as blog post. Later developments must be posted as blogs.
        2. Add more info on what kinds of pumps are available and their price and their flow rate. Justify what kind of pump is suitable for our application?
        3. Also add tentative costing of project (excluding your fees).
        4. Make a timeline of how much time will it take to complete the project. 
        5. Make visits to more doctors and review oxygen delivery technology.
    2. Green gym project
      1. Concept note on main page missing.
      2. Missing description of visit to clients.
      3. No photographs of place of installation.
      4. Tasks for next review:
        1. Update website.
        2. Show examples of what green gym will look like. Example: videos on youtube (best ones only). Make these all videos into a single blog entry.
        3. Visit site and take a picture, or ask client to send some pictures of site.
        4. Give timeline of project.
  10. Shubham Shembade (very good)
    1. Ambient temperature dryer
      1. Mainpage+blog format is correct.
      2. Mainpage content is incomplete.
      3. Tasks for next review:
        1. Get more details from client such as
          1. What should be the drying capacity of the dryer, in kg/day?
          2. If the dryer is used only for rainy season when wild fruits are available, what about the rest of the year? What can be dried by the end-user?
          3. Do you have electricity supply? forget solar as solar is not available in the monsoons.
        2. Make timeline of your project.