1. To improvise the design and increase the efficiency of the system.
2. To make different designs for evaporative fridge (conceptually proven) which keep vegetables fresh.
3. Human friendly design
4. Make evaporative fridge for bulk storage (50-100 kg)
One designer student from IIIT named as Rahul Jetti who help me in further work of evaporative fridge. Basically the main focus on the design part of this project.
His project link is: Report
Actually (in short) he came up with one different idea/design that is storage box of vegetables and cooling unit is different. In cooling unit water falls on the any material (like jute pads or evaporative pads) after some interval and then blower sucks the dry air from outside which becomes wet air after passing from moistened material. This wet air sent to the storage box with the help of pipe or duct and uniformly distributed in the storage box or cold storage.