1. Storage Box
I select one insulated box as a storage unit which is available in Vigyan ashram (after discussion with Arun sir and Ranjeet sir). This box has one slot or open section at the top of the right side which can be used as outlet of air. I made one hole for the inlet of wet air at the bottom (opposite side of the outlet section). Then I painted the racks and inner part of storage unit and make it as usable.
Specification of the storage box:
a. Storage box = 1.8*1.2*1.2
= 2.5 cu. m
b. Thickness of insulation = 2.5cm
c. Outlet section = L*H
= 0.6*0.75 m
d. Inlet section = 4 inch dia.
2. Cooler
Slotted L-Angles were measured, cut and assembled with the aid of nut-bolts to form a rectangular box/frame of cooler. A PVC pipes of 20 mm diameter was measured and cut; T-joint, elbow joint was used to connect the pipe network together using gum to hold the pipes in position. 3 mm holes at a distance of 4cm are made on the pipe and fix the pipe network at the top of the frame which is used for distributing water. Honeycomb structure evaporative cooling pads are press-fit in four side of the rectangular box of (cooler). Then whole box kept in plastic crate (25liters) which collect the excess water which falls from evaporative cooling pads. Top of cooler closed by foam cover on which blower fitted.

Specification of the cooler:
a. Cooler = 0.52*0.32*0.62
= 0.1cu.m
b. Honeycomb structure evaporative cooling pads = 2 inch(thickness)
c. Insulated duct having 4 inch dia., length = 1m
d. Blower: 240v, 0.8A, 180W, 2550rpm, 460cu.m
e. Timer: Timer i.e energy switch having 0-100 range. Chart which shows ON and OFF timing is given below: