Prince Solar Cooker:-

We studied this solar cooker. The important thing is that this Solar cooker works perfectly under the sun’s ray. In this solar cooker, the sun’s rays are collected at a certain point.Therefore, we get this energy from these rays in a particular form and importantly, we do not have to pay any tax to get this energy.

We worked on this solar cooker and stored some of its information. Basically, we measured how the sun’s rays come together at a certain point by cooking the rice on this solar cooker. These measurements were taken every 10 minutes.

Also, while doing this experiment, we have 1. length and width of this solar cooker

  1. Each plate of their solar cooker was measured.
  2. The cooker was measured.
  3. Measured the rice weight.
  4. They measured the shadow area lying on the solar cooker.

The rice weighs 250 gm and the cooker weighs 1074 gm.

No. of aluminum sheets in price solar cooker are 58.(1 sheet area:-12.6mm width,79mm lenth).

The area of ​​this Prince 40 solar cooker is 54984 cm square.

Working area is 5.49m square.

The temperature of the water before the experiment was 27 degree C.

The measurements obtained during the observation are as follows:-

It took us 1 hour to cook the rice on this device.

After removing the cooker, its outside temperature was 72℃.

After the rice is cooked, the temperature in the cooker is 71 ℃.