Difference between Refrigeration and Evaporative Cooling: 

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat. In refrigerator, heat extracted from lower temperature to higher temperature. For this purpose, one substance i.e refrigerant is used in it, which is usually fluid(mostly ammonia). Vapour compression refrigeration cycle is used in refrigerator in which compressor, condenser, receiver,expansion valve and evaporator are placed.

In evaporative cooling, vaporization process takes place. Temperature of dry air decreased through vaporization, which can cool air. It required less energy than refrigeration. The evaporative factor depends upon flow of air, temperature and humidity. It requires higher flow of air and temperature but lower humidity.


I will make cool storage box based on the principle of evaporative cooling that’s why we named as EVAPORATIVE FRIDGE. In the evaporative fridge we can preserve vegetables for this purpose, I have to stop Microbial growth and drying of vegetables. For microbial growth i have to maintain temperature and for drying i have to maintain humidity. I decided to make 1st simplest model which is non-modular then i will improve it .

The challenge is to design a system which prevent the weight loss and works on low cost and consume low energy. Another challenge is to maintain the temperature and relative humidity inside the system for preservation purpose.