Jyoti Dhumal ( No review in last 2 months and will be removed from reviews from next cycle)

  1. Blog not updated from September.
  2. Thermometers need to be ordered. 3 to be ordered.
  3. No new review done.

Vijay Erande :

  1. Ammonia analysis pending issue in dissolving EDTA.
  2. Need to raise pH of EDTA sodium slat.
  3. No data collected on Bio-drum.
  4. Grey water unit is satisfactory w.r.t. COD but not with respect to odour and larva
  5. Water lettuce is healthy in tank 4 but low response in tank 2

Sandeep Jundare – (not available for review)

  1. Gray water desert cooler model is ready
  2. Wind flow is not proper
  3. Wattages/ energy required  for running cooler is not known
  4. Need to improve system to be commercially acceptable.

Swami Kalekar:

  1. Vibration Charger : This project is in backseat for now.
  2. Rice planting machine
    1. China rice planter is modified and able to plant 70 % saplings
    2. Rice planter Jugaad V0 prototype complete distance between two sapling 40 cm
    3. V1 prototype will be ready by 4 Dec 16.
    4. Trail expected in 3rd/ 4th week of Dec 16.
    5. Website  is updated with new PVC pipe float photos.

Supriya Kadam 

Basundi maker:

  1. Vaibhav Dharmadhakari has left the course
  2. Status : at 0% level of Version
  3. Deadline: 15th November. Not achived
  4. Supriya will work on this project from 9th december

Rangoli making machine

95% done,Now  extruder controller is remained . It will be finish up to 30th December


  1. 3 courses, 7 girls + 2 boys + 3 without scholarship.
  2.  2nd batch will be start from second week of December

Dipali Kambale/ Subir 

Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural health centers: 0.5 hp compressor has been bought. Website is not updated with new compressor photos.

    1. Basic structure ready and demonstrated to build 2.5 kg/ sq. cm pressure.
    2. Visited customer for demo. Customer inputs are as follows
      • wheel block needs resign. V shape will be appropriate
      • Nylon/ readily available material as MOC for roter
      • Two wheel block instead of single one.
      • Redesign and share  design with customer by 28 Nov 16
    3. Tasks:
      1. Get raw material for wheel. Done 26/11: Subir
      2. Update website with sketch of system Subir/ Ameya
      3. Discussion with customer on 28/11 : Subir
      4. Fabrication of frame ( Deepali: 30/11)
      5. Machining of wheel (Subiir/ Ameya) 1 /12

Green gym project: No contact from client.

Akash-kandil: Many models made and many papers and wires tried. Finish is not great yet. She has offloaded task to DBRT student. No updates on the website.

  1. Tasks:
    1. Update website with photos of models and discussion on the best way to make model.
    2. Experiment with gelatine/wrapping paper.

Suhas Labde: Review not done

    1. Polyhouse controller / biome meter :
    2. Checking calibration, readings match but not reliable yet.
    3. Tasks:
      1. Complete case design.
        1. Serviceable design.
        2. Weatherproofing
        3. Arm to hold temperature and humidity sensor.
      2. Update blog with documentation.
  1. Smart citizen kit:
    • Task: Verification of components used inside smart citizen project. 22nd October

Prachi Samarth  ( no review done Subir to review )

  1. Website not in order. Please update the site structure.
  2. Mechanical hand: Hand not delivered to Purshottam or other person.
    1. Tasks
      1. Find another person if Purshottam is not interested.
      2. Visit pabal to make hand fit to the person.
  3. Hackberry hand: Very good development that the electronics now works. Thanks to help from Eaton mentor Mr. Sujay Sirur. In the hardware section, only 4 parts out of 51 are remaining to be printed. However the 3d printer at DIY lab is not working for now. It will be repaired by  24th October. In electronics section, Prachi is designing new PCB which incorporates components available in Pune, such as audio jacks, etc. Bought-out components such as springs, screws etc need to be sourced from market.
    1. Tasks
      1. Repair DIY Lab 3d printer by 22nd October.
      2. Start ordering boughout components. Take help of Eaton mentors.

Abhijeet Savant  ( no review done)

    1. 2nd prototype for ARTI/Samuchit stove made and delivered for testing. Primary testing indicates new design is working. However more exhaustive testing is required.
    2. Tasks
      1. Bring demo cooker from Samuchit on 22nd October.
      2. Put to test in next week. Conclude if all is OK.
  1. Provenant systems: Final inhouse prototype to be made in coming few days. All is OK. Website in good order but not in blog format. Difficult to read posts and difficult to track timeline.
    1. Tasks:
      1. 3D printer must be ready by 24th October. Start printing final model.
      2. Make website in blog format.
  2. FRP Dome: Still learning geometry. Hopefully to begin work on scaled down version from next week.

Shubham Shembade

Ambient temperature dryer

    1. Rig for the experiment is ready
    2. experimentation and data collection started.


Collect data for absorption and desorption cycle of Silica.

Vishwas Shinde No review done. 

    1. Solar Incinerator: Made new design in Solidworks. Also started making a prototype using tin cans. No review done
    2. Tasks:
      1. Prototype V3 Jugaad Deadline: 25th October.

Bio-Drum: Jugaad model has been made an is operational. However, model has many issues such as door is difficult to latch, there are no ball bearings so its hard to rotate, etc. New model has to be made as per requirements of Client Dr. Arun Dixit. Very  poor engineering . Welding broke down. Vishwas  has no time to devote for said project and enthusiasm is poor.  Need change of shoulder. Dhanjay Abahang will be take up this project.

Ganesh Nikhare:

wants to work on Noise filter for Blue tooth application


  • Literature survey: 30 Nov 16
  • List of raw material 2 dec 16
  • Estimation of cost 4 Dec 16


Ravi was confused on his strength and hence the plan to work on project.

  • Three circles what you love, what are your capabilities and what sells in the market were discussed with him.
  • He made his own assessment and came up with two project after short listing
    • Remote operation for house gazettes
    • Signal buster for Mobil signals
  •  Brainstorming with experts and market  survey lead to Remote operation for house gazettes as 1st project
  • Ravi has made and demonstrated successful operation of this remote switch for sprinkler motor.
  • The market survey indicate similar need for agriculture pumps and he plan to work on system and make a demo model by 7 /12 and show case it exhibition.