Experiment for determining the characteristics of a Silica Gel Dehumidifying System


To conduct a real time operation cycle of the proposed dehumidifying system employing Silica Gel for Dehumidification process by constructing a dummy system of similar construction and working parameters.


  • To test the real time operation of the system.
  • To verify the operation of the system and check feasibility.
  • To Generate data about following characteristics in the dummy system
  1. Adsorptions value for variable Flow rate and Pressure
  2. Total Saturation Time
  • Total time Required for Reactivation
  1. Rate of Adsorption in Designed Structure
  2. Rate of Desorption in Designed Structure
  3. Total Energy Consumed for total Reactivation


An apparatus is to be developed for testing the Dehumidification system using Silica gel as an adsorbent agent. Apparatus used in this will be constructed as shown in the schematic diagram. The functions of the components are mentioned in the list of components. Detailed Provisional process is given this Document.

The schematic diagram for Apparatus construction.


Material list for Experiment.

According to the construction of Apparatus and the process   following is the list of material required.

Material Purchase List

For apparatus of Experimental testing of Dehumidification System By Silica Gel

Sr. No.DescriptionPurposeQty.Source
1Air Pump[Variable/Normal]It is the source of Air flow in the Apparatus.1Market, Pune
2Band type HeaterUsed for heating air flow in Reactivation cycle.1Manufacturer-Market, Pune
3Manometers[Individual components]To generate data about Flow rate and Pressure in the apparatus.2Market, Pune
4Hygrometer[Inclusive of Thermometer][IMP] To generate data about Humidity in the system1Online
5Piping and ConnectionsTo channelize air flowAs Per DesignMarket, Local
6ThermostatsTo control the heater2Market, Pune