The bulk test in drying ginger failed. the reasons for failure are mentioned below.

  1. Lack of Air flow in the dome.
    • The draft created by the turbo ventilator was not enough for carrying away excess moisture liberated.
  2. High relative humidity of out side air.
    • The relative humidity of outside was more the 50% during the test this also slowed down drying process.

The conclusion of the test was due to lack of air flow the moisture was not carried away hence the ginger got slightly fermented. It took it 3 day to get dried upto 23% moisture content. The the sour smell due to fermentation of ginger was not acceptable. but the taste of ginger was retained.

Remedies discussed were:

  1. Increasing Size of ventilation holes
  2. Increase in number of holes
  3. Motorizing the wind driven turbo ventilator
  4. Introducing a Grid powered fan for air flow
  5. Introducing a Solar powered fan for air flow