*NOTEs to all:

  • Please convert your webpages into the format given here.
  • Your websites are not updated. Please do update as that is the only way for evaluation.
  • Review by Arun Dixit and Subir B.

  1. Vaibhav Dharmadhikari:
    1. Assisting Supriya on Basundi making machine. In one test the 240VAC-12VDC power adapter blew and needs to be repaired.
    2. Tasks
      1. Vahi Anane  :  21 October 2016 – ?
      2. Transformers: rebuild 21 October – OK
      3. Find out the reason for malfunction of transformer : 24 October 
      4. Make power supply circuit ready: 21 October 16 – OK
      5. Motor loads capacity testing: protocol for experiments: 24 October – Not possible due to burnt adapter. 
      6. Market survey  26 October – Not done
  2. Jyoti Dhumal
    1. Needs to clarify process for collecting data from composting pit.
    2. ?
  3. Vijay Erande
    1. Grey water filter: Cocopit installed and planted with ‘Adu’ species.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Graphs of TDS, Ph, LoD, etc should be updated. Make them in presentation quality. [Graphs not plotted and not updated and not in presentable format ]
        2. Date: 23rd October to decide if water-hyacinth can be planted or not in filter. Visit to Pashan lake arranged for the same day. [Visit to Pashan pending. ]
        3. Observation of insect larvae, but cant confirm if they are mosquito larvae. Check this document on the way to check for mosquito larvae. Also read through this website to find what larvae are in the tank.[Vijay please explain if you have understood paper and is it implementable? ]
    2. Soak pit : Website updated. But, can you put some calculations to justify size of drum used? For example check this document and justify your design.
      1. Tasks: 
        1. List parameters for testing soakpit performance on 21st October.
    3. Air quality at Mangaon: Read documents sent on email and reply with answers on blog.
      1. Tasks: [Paper not read/understood ]
        1. Which chemicals are polluting the soil, air and water around a landfill?
        2. What concentration is bad for health?
        3. What are the health effects of the pollutants?
    4. Composting:
      1. Tasks:
        1. LoD checking – 27th October
        2. Put Vermiwash or vermi slurry of about 200ml into drum.
        3. Update group on frequency and quantity of drum rotations.
        4. Give input weight vs composted weight on 27th October. 
  4. Sandeep Jundare (Absent)
  5. Swami Kalekar
    1. Vibration Charger : This project is in backseat for now.
    2. Rice planting machine
      1. New prototype jugaad version in progress. Swami learned to cut 4mm thick MS sheet on Plasma cutter, the finish is very fine.
      2. Website in good order with nice videos and details.
      3. Tasks
        1. Target for completing the jugaad prototype is 25th October. OK
  6. Dipali Kambale
    1. Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural health centers: 0.5 hp compressor has been bought. Website is not updated with new compressor photos.
      1. Bike on standing wheel rotating in air compressor hold not get disconnected due to vibrations. This is must conditions for schematic diagram
      2. Tasks:
        1. Fabricate 5 liter tank to hold 10 bar pressure air.
        2. Update website with sketch of system and also pictures of the compressor.
        3. Making idea sketch  3 Different sketch  pencil sketch  : 24 October: compressor baring belt pulley get connected, Reviewing with Subir on 24  post lunch session, Make components list as comprehensive as possible
        4. Assembling the components of  prototype :  29 October : Welding of frame angle Sunil will assist Dipali, Cutting, Purchase of components wheel Subir 22  October 
    2. Green gym project: No contact from client.
    3. Akash-kandil: Many models made and many papers and wires tried. Finish is not great yet. She has offloaded task to DBRT student. No updates on the website.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Update website with photos of models and discussion on the best way to make model.
        2. Experiment with gelatine/wrapping paper.
  7. Suhas Labde:
    1. Polyhouse Biome meter: Grade B
      1. Good work done on Polyhouse controller. Checked sensor calibration with different readings. Checked out average humidity and temperature graph of Mumbai and Pabal. Discussed with Jyoti, Prashant and Swapnil and made chart.
      2. Tasks:
        1. Humidity sensor malfunctioned.Sort out possible reasons of sensor malfunctioning. OK
        2. Take action and calculate readings again. OK
        3. Try to resolve sensor calibration problem by 27th October. OK
        4. Complete case design. Not yet.
    2. Smart citizen kit:
      1. Task: Verification of components used inside smart citizen project. 22nd October
    1. Website not in order. Please update the site structure.
    2. Mechanical hand: Hand not delivered to Purshottam or other person.
      1. Tasks
        1. Find another person if Purshottam is not interested.
        2. Visit pabal to make hand fit to the person.
    3. Hackberry hand: Very good development that the electronics now works. Thanks to help from Eaton mentor Mr. Sujay Sirur. In the hardware section, only 4 parts out of 51 are remaining to be printed. However the 3d printer at DIY lab is not working for now. It will be repaired by  24th October. In electronics section, Prachi is designing new PCB which incorporates components available in Pune, such as audio jacks, etc. Bought-out components such as springs, screws etc need to be sourced from market.
      1. Tasks
        1. Repair DIY Lab 3d printer by 22nd October.
        2. Start ordering boughout components. Take help of Eaton mentors.
  8. Abhijeet Savant
    1. 2nd prototype for ARTI/Samuchit stove made and delivered for testing. Primary testing indicates new design is working. However more exhaustive testing is required.
      1. Tasks
        1. Bring demo cooker from Samuchit on 22nd October.
        2. Put to test in next week. Conclude if all is OK. 
    2. Provenant systems: Final inhouse prototype to be made in coming few days. All is OK. Website in good order but not in blog format. Difficult to read posts and difficult to track timeline.
      1. Tasks:
        1. 3D printer must be ready by 24th October. Start printing final model.
        2. Make website in blog format.
    3. FRP Dome: Still learning geometry. Hopefully to begin work on scaled down version from next week.
  9. Shubham Shembade GRADE B
    1. Ambient temperature dryer
      1. SOP not yet completed. When to start?
      2. Tasks
        1. Make SOP OK
    2. Previous review suggestions not taken into consideration for COD hot plate
  10. Vishwas Shinde
    1. Solar Incinerator: Made new design in Solidworks. Also started making a prototype using tin cans.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Prototype V3 Jugaad Deadline: 25th October.
    2. Bio-Drum: Jugaad model has been made an is operational. However, model has many issues such as door is difficult to latch, there are no ball bearings so its hard to rotate, etc. New model has to be made as per requirements of Client Dr. Arun Dixit.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Prototype V1 Model deadline ? Discuss with Arun Dixit, Subir and Vijay in conference call on 22nd Saturday.
  11. Naresh Shirke:
    1. Tasks:
      1. Fab kit costing :  24 October – OK
      2. Components list ready: verification: 22 October -OK
      3. Pricing individual components: 24 October -OK
      4. Approval from Subir : 24 October OK 
      5. If approved buy material and print circuit  25,26  October Not done
      6. Blog updates: 25 October Not updated.
  12. Ganesh Nikhare:
    1. WiFi Balloon: Camera can not be connect to wifi. But camera can store video and can transfer video to computer. Battery backup is small.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Check this site and tell us how to lift camera for survey?
    2. Real Time Clock: Checking components required for RTC clock with display. Once contract is signed with Global Enterprises, work can begin. Till then reading about Arduino coding, sheilds for RTC, etc.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Find out component list, serial numbers and project costing.
    3. Helping in Shubham’s dryer project. Need to discuss between Shubham’s tasks and Ganesh’s tasks. Ganesh is also reading some good papers and will discuss in details with Arun Dixit on 21-22 October on the task ahead.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Finalize what part of the project you wish to do.
  13. Vaibhav Rahinj
    1. Stirling engine: Basic structure has been assembled. Now to fine tune and test.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Make final sizing of pvc structure to fit available lamp size. Check with Subir on this design.
        2. Make engine run by 25th October.
        3. Update website.
    2. Odourless toilets: Basic U-lock has been installed in general toilet in Vigyan Ashram. Seems to work great. However, problem remains as to visibility of oil in the tube.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Find 2″ clear flexible tubing.
        2. Update website with pics and documents.
    3. Rain counter: Basic materials have been handed over. Basic functionality tested.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Assemble and test device. 
  14. Ravi (website not available)
    1. Hard water de-scaling device: Report sent on email is not conclusive to anything. Experiment with petri dishes and salt deposits do not show any difference between treated and untreated water samples.
      1. Tasks:
        1. Make SOP for experiments : 22nd October.