So now you are reading this after 2 blog before this or will maybe read 2 blog after this, well the content is written by me but learned from BSFly unit run by Gen. Ss Hasabnis in Pune. Thank for his permission that I got access to hands on experience, the confidence from working is more than what you get by reading the literature!!!

Now when things are clear lets jump in… to start with we have to attract-collect-incubate the egg.

The Steps are as following–

1) Egg collection, so lets say we have assuming mated female fly [R.I.P her male husband, sooner she will have same faith], we need to provide it a attractive place to lay its egg by providing wooden strips with layer of sugar water conc. Put them inside the cage.

2) Then one should wait for the eggs to be laid assuming the eggs are laid in the wooden strips hold together with rubber bands and thumb pins as spacers- we do some deep egg search looking for this translucent cluster in white-yellowish color.

3) Scrap the wood surface to a clean container and cap it to prevent strong air flow which can dryup the egg sac killing the zygot inside the eggs.

4) Prepare semisolid food material- rice/ flour/ special insect feed/ etc not to much oily or complex.

5) Add the eggs into the semisolid materials. You can stir it but optional, if doing do it slowing and with care.

6) Make holes in the container top and can also cover the holes/opening with over/ fine cloth/mesh.

7) Write the date-weight on the container for future reference, and put it on stable plane away from sunlight and incubation will take from 3-5-10 days depending on surrounding temperature.

[Sorry for missing 5-doll pic, will try to update next time]

Thanks for reading……….