Food grains are essential dietary components that consist of various nutrients (including vitamins, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates) required for a healthy life and growth of the human body. Rice, Wheat, Maize, millets, and sorghum are some of the major grown and consuming grains in day-to-day diet. These grains are consumed mostly on a regular basis while the cultivation periods or seasons are fixed. The food grains are stored after harvesting for consumption up to the next harvesting cycle of the crops. Storage and transport operations up to the consumer are critical tasks. Insects infestation is the dominating factor in the reduction of quantity, and quality of stored grains. Also, the nutritive value of food grains reduces due to insect infestation. Moisture is a leading factor to boost insects and pests activities like breading and spread which led to spoilage. 

Block Diagram –

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Inner Part

Outer Part –

Shallow Trey in Sheetmetal


Frame Pin


Inner Assembly of VTD

Insulated outer Frame in Weldments


Insulated box in Playwwod


Hopper in sheetmetal

Ducting Assembly

Hopper design in sheetmetal

Air Heater

Fan – For supply of air on heating element and recirculation. This fan sucks and pushes air in close loop type ducting.

Air Heating FanINDO 2200 RPM, 12 Inch sweep

Trey Pin and frame pin Assembly

Main Assembly

Ducting PVC 2 inch