Due to Lockdown , Schools are closed due to Covid Pandemic Situation. Therefore we have decided to conduct their classes online. We have started to take online sessions every Saturday.

We took the first session on 26 August 2020 to explain the overall strategy to implement the project. We have finalized the time table and reporting system. Activities are shown in the table.

] Technical Session on every Wednesday  6 to 7pm 

2/9/2020 Mobile phone as a laboratory instrument : Measurement of GPS location, noise, air pollution as well as temperature, humidity and weather  forecast using mobile (मोबाईल चा वापर करून ध्वनी, वायू प्रदूषण मोजणे तसेच तापमान आद्रता आणि पावसाचा अंदाज मोजणे)
9/9/2020 Mobile phone as a laboratory instrument : Identify STARS in the sky using mobile app.Measuring the intensity of light Google map and Plotting Location(मोबाईल चा वापर करून तरांगण पाहणे. प्रकाशाची तीव्रता मोजणे आपल्या घराचे अक्षांश आणि रेक्षांश शोधणे,३d नकाशा)
16/9/2020 Learn Electronics with Projects (इलेक्ट्रानिक्स शिका आणि प्रकल्प तयार करा)
19/9/2020 Making Digital Game (गेम तयार करणे)
30/9/2020 Grafting trees (झाडांना कलम करणे)
7/10/2020 Making Sprouts using DIY Sprouter at home. (कडधान्यांना मोड आणणे) 
14/10/2020 Make a DIY Curd Maker at home (दही तयार करणे) 
21/10/2020Preparation of various food Product to boost the immune system (रोगप्रतिकार शक्ती वाढवण्यासाठी विविध खाद्यपदार्थ तयार करणे)
28/10/2020 Identification of food adulteration (अन्न पदार्थामधील भेसळ ओळखणे) 
4/11/2020 Organic Purse Garden (सेंद्रिय परस बाग) 
11/11/2020 What is first aid? Make a first aid kit at home (प्रथमोपचार म्हणजे काय? घरीच प्रथमोपचार पेटी तयार करा)

B] Technical Session on every Saturday between 4 to 5 pm 

DateActivity NameRemark
05/09/2020Introductory SessionDone
12/09/2020Bicycle Story
19/09/2020Simple Machine and Mechanism
26/09/2020Solar Thermal energy
03/10/2020Waste Water
10/10/2020Waste segregation
24/10/2020Vertical Gardening/Hydroponics
Students done their assignment