• In this month I got the project of solar panel cleaning ,as we predict that the efficiency of solar panel is decreased due to dust on panel .So this month I am collecting the data for solar panels on top of memorial hall and top of hall.
September 2020
October 2020

Observations for September & October reading:

As per reading taken by electrical student

December 2020

Material used system testing :

  • Flexible pipe
  • Shower
  • Drilled PVC pipe-1 meter long
  • Submergible pump
  • Plumbing joints(T’s,valve,Etc.)

Selection of pump:

Task completed

1. Testing of wet system cleaning using drilled pvc above hall & workshop.

Cleaning system using Shower
Cleaning system with drilled pvc

Plan of action :

Then we came to conclusion that we will observe and recalculate the data of efficiency then I will setup the manual cleaning system for Hall and plumbing system at workshop.