01/01/2020Reporting Vigyan Ashram, Pabal.
02/01/2020Tour to the different sections of Ashram.
03/01/2020Interaction with DIC members.
04/01/2020Introduction to the workshop and the different tools and machines used and the safety precautions regarding it.
06/01/2020Discussions with Dixit sir about solar and thermal energy, basics of energy, sources of energy.
07/01/2020Assignment finalization. (Repair and maintenance of R.O water purifier.
08/01/2020 to 11/01/2020Information about water purifier, its components, how it works, the principle of reverse osmosis, internal connection of purifier, booster pump and adapter and its internal wiring, etc.
13/01/2020collection of leaves, bajara husk, and sawdust and made it a fine powder
14/01/2020Project finalization (Chilli picker), calculate water holding capacity.
15/01/2020Making of shoe stand. Material selection and cutting.
17/01/2020painting of stand by primer (red oxide). calculated the bulk density of leaves, bajara husk, and sawdust.
18/01/2020How to write blogs
20/01/2020Discussions on food and exercise
21/01/2020Projects starts- Chili picker
22/01/2020Discussions with Dixit sir on project
23/01/2020Available solutions for chili harvesting.
24/01/2020Crop study.
26/01/2020Republic Day Celebration.
27/01/2020 to 04/02/2020Literature study.
05/02/2020Field visit to capsicum, attended program of ANS.
06/02/2020Plasma cutter info, discussion with Amol sir.
07/02/2020size chart for hand gloves.
10/02/2020Story on electrical vehicle, discussion on project steps.
11/02/2020Primary sketches of the mechanism and field visit.
12/02/2020sketches of fingers and thumb, measuring the dimension of fingers.
13/02/2020Decided the design mechanism based on the sketches.
14/02/2020Finalized the dimension for the prototype.
15/02/2020Software learning (CATIA).
1702/2020Making of FRP sheets.
18/ 02/2020Discussion with Amol sir.
20/02/2020Plasma cutting, welding and bending of metal sheets, Discussions with Amol sir and Dixit sir.