what is wiper motor ?


it is a device which converts the electrical energy to rotary mechanical energy. wiper motor power by the motor work on DC supply on range of 12 volt to 24 volts.

Standard supply voltages are 12 or 24 V dc that can be supplied from a battery or power supply unit, with nominal output torque up to 4 Nm and starting torque up to 12 Nm the geared motor is suitable for applications that need high power at start-up.

Output speeds range from 25 rpm up to 65 rpm to suit the application requirements, a DC motor controller can be used with this motor if variable output speed control is required.

Application area :

  1. Agriculture
  2. Building access
  3. Care aid
  4. Medical
  5. Office equipment
  6. Marine
  7. General industrial automation

Problem statement :

the equirement of wiper motor for various project and its available in the inventory. there are three wiper motor available in the inventory but this is in not in working condition.

fig.wiper motor 2 (NOT WORKING)
fig. wiper motor 3 ( WORKING)
  1. Disassembled wiper motor remove every single part.
  2. clean it and remove unwanted oil from the surface.
  3. assembled it again as per the sequence.
  4. check out all connection of the wiper motor .

Out of three two motors are working after maintenance

fig.worm wheel gear
fig.compound gear
fig.Rotary shaft