Electric bell

  • An electric bell is a mechanical or electronic bell that functions by means of an electromagnet. When an electric current is applied, it produces a repetitive buzzing, clanging or ringing sound. Electric bells have been widely used at railroad crossings, in telephones, fire and burglar alarms, as school bells, doorbells, and alarms in industrial plants, since the late 1800’s, but they are now being widely replaced with electronic sounders. An electric bell consists of one or more electromagnets, made of a coil of insulated wire around an iron bar, which attract an iron strip armature with a clapper. When an electric current flows through the coils, the electromagnet creates a magnetic field which pulls the armature towards it, causing the hammer to strike the bell.

Need of the project: 

  • In our Vigyan Ashram,a person assigned for ringing the bell, sometimes the bell does not rang on time. So automatic electric bell is required.

Required material and specification:

Sr. No. Material descriptionSpecificationQuantity 
Electric bell
Electric gong bell 6 inch1
2Timer 50 ON-OFF Steps, 16A Relay Output [TS2M1-1-16A]1

Other material: Connecting wires, multi meter, soldering gun, insulating tape, glue gun etc.

Electric gong bell 6 inch:

When current is passed through the circuit, the electromagnet acts like a magnet and attracts the iron strip. The iron strip(hammer), being elastic, strikes the bell. Simultaneously, its contact with the screw is broken, the circuit breaks and the current stops flowing through the electromagnet.

Image 3: Before connecting electric supply 
Image 4: after connecting electric supply 

            Product Description

Material Gong Bell
ColorGrey/ Red
Battery TypeElectric
Power250/250V, AC

                 We are engaged in offering an extensive gamut of Industrial Gong Bells to the clients in a wide array of sizes. These possess extreme resistance against the dust particles and can be availed with chromium or a mild-steel pressed gong. This renders a long lasting effect to the product, which is generally found mounted with two screws on the wall. These are extensively used at cinemas, schools, colleges, hotels, industries, banks, ships and control panels. Having been casted with prime quality aluminum, these highly operate on single phase voltages listed below: Voltage: 6V, 12V, 24V, 30V, 48V, 110V, 220/250V, 50 c/s AC Sizes: 7cm, 10cm, 15cm, 22cm, 30cm

Time switch Selec TS2M1-1-16A-230V-CE:

The digital time switch TS2M1-1-16A-230V-CE from Selec offers an operation period of one week with max. 50 ON and OFF switching operations per day. This allows the following programming options: 2 programs x 25 switching operations, 3 programs x 16 switching operations, 4 programs x 12 switching operations, 4 programs x 10 switching operations, 6 programs x 8 switching operations, 7 programs x 7 switching operations, 8 programs x 6 switching operations. When displaying the time, you can choose between 12 and 24 hours. Auto/Manual, holidays, day of the week, relay status and programming modes are represented by symbols.

Setting of timer: (https://youtu.be/s1rHZd_TKGo)
50 ON-OFF Steps, 16A Relay Output [TS2M1-1-16A](Refer for the technical specifications: https://skylinegroup.co.in/pdf/ts2m1-1-16a-230v.pdf)

Display typeText LCD (Without backlight)
Relay Contact1 ℅ SPDT
Operation period1 week
Features50 ON-OFF Steps Per Day, Indications: Auto Manual, Holiday, Relay Status, Day of week, Programming Mode
Supply Voltage 230 V AC, 110V AC
Size DIN 35mm
Mounting TypeDIN Rail Mount
RTC Accuracy 15 Minutes A Year
Certification CE


  1. First connect the output terminal of bell to pin 18, another terminal to pin N of timer.  Connect pin 15 and pin L of timer and take output from pin N and L.
  2. Take plug and connect to the output of the circuit.

Bill of material:

Sr. No. Material descriptionSpecification 
Electric bellRs. 598
2Timer  Rs. 1372
3FrameRs. 30
4Connecting wiresRs. 50