Hydroponics is a method or it’s a science of growing crop without soil .

It’s just like traditional garden but they have their roots in water rather in in soil.

Soil gives nutrients to plants in fact it’s also provide structure the food comes from other material mixed in the soil, such as compost,plants waste or fertilizer.

In hydroponics we gives all this nutrients through water or

The plants thrive on the nutrients solution alone; the medium merely acts as a support for the plants and their roots system.

In our Hydroponics we planted palak plants.

We use following parameters to prepared the 3 lit solution.

Solution ‘A’

Urea:- 50gm

Calcium nitrate:- 250gm

Iron:- 5gm

13:0:45:- 50gm

Solution ‘B’

Mgso4:- 100 gm

0:0:50:- 50gm

Potassium nitrate:- 200gm

Zinc:- 1gm

Copper:- 1gm

Melidone:- 1gm

Our work


All Palak leaves are removed.


New plants planted in polya house for kitchen hydroponics.


Plants transfer into kitchen hydroponics.

300 gm leaves gives to kitchen.


205 gm palak harvested, EC and TDS maintain.


palak harvested 330 gm.


Palak harvested 167 gm.

dried plants are removed, and New plants planted into the polya house, this is 25 plants.


Our spinach production is very low in hydroponics solution that we given to spinach for their growth.

It is only 797 gm in 33 days.

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