Biofloc technology is an alternative fish farming system. In this system, waste feed as well as fish excreta in the water ecosystem, is converted into the feed which can be consumed by the fish.

Biofloc technology has higher productivity than conventional farming. It also reduces the feed requirement.



We started working on the Biofloc project by cleaning the tank and surrounding. Then we filled the tank with water.


Measured the volume of water stored in the tank:


1) Firstly, we measured the diameter of tank and depth of water level in the tank.

Measuring depth of water

2) Calculated the volume of water filled:

Using formula, V = πTr²h

Where, h is the average height of the tank.

The biofloc tank is not levelled hence we need to take heights from different points of the tank and calculate the average height.

H1 = 0.56 m;

H2 = 0.62 m;

H3 =0.675 m;

H4 = 0.64 m;

H5 = 0.65 m;


h = (0.56+0.62+0.675+0.64+0.65)/5

h = 0.629 m

r = d/2

= 3.8/2

r = 1.9 m

V = πr²h

= 3.14 * (1.9)^2 * 0.629

= 7 cumec

In litres, V= 7*1000

V = 7000 l

For feeding nutrients to fish, the jaggery is added to water. The jaggery is added in the proportion of 1 kg jaggery to 1000 lit of water. So, we dissolved 7 kg of jaggery to add it in the tank.

Taking weight of jaggery.


Adding Jaggery to the tank water

Added 7 kg of the dissolved jaggery to the tank water. Mixed 1 litre of compost to the water. For fulfillment of oxygen requirement of fish, we provided three bubblers to the system and checked its working. then we checked the TDS of the water using TDS meter. The reading is 176. Mixed 1 litre compost in water.

For fulfilment of oxygen requirement of fish bubbler is provided we provided three bubblersto the system and checked its working.


we removed on MBBR (Movable bed Bacterial Reactor) from the water containing lettuce plant. This MBBR helps to grow bacteria. Then we removed the lettuce from water.

We removed the fish from small tank to transfer the fish into biofloc tank. While transfering we calculated weight and number of fish and then transfered all the fishes to biofloc tank. After transfering fishes, We checked the overall working of biofloc technology.

Weighing the fishes

Total number of fishes = 106

Weight of 106 fishes = 9.869 kg