Problem Definition

DC fans were under maintenance due to short circuit of power adapters on continuous basis. Power adapter was getting failed within a month or earlier.

Problem Identification and Solution

DC fan of capacity 10 Watts checked and inspected on various DC supply with the help of DC power supply regulator. At first, fan was checked on supply of 12 V and 1 Amp load. At this supply fan was giving output of 11.1 v and 0.58 Amp, this means fan was running lower than its rated output i.e 10 Watts. So, supply changed from 12 V- 1 Amp to 12 V – 2 Amp then the output of fan was 9.78 Watts so it is concluded that, fan requires 12 V – 2 Amp input power to run at its rated output. Like this I tested all the 8 DC fan in the same manner. While checking on DC supply, I used to check each and every fan on solar panel with same supply and compared the output of fans which was nearly same as DC power supply.

DC fan

After the testing, fans were kept ON by using DC 12 V 2 Amp adapter and 12 V – 1 Amp adapter for 2 continuous days. The result obtained was, 12 V 1 Amp adapter found short circuit at capacitor but 12 V- 2 Amp adapter was still performing well. So it is been concluded that 12 V – 2 Amp adapter is suitable for all the DC fans.

Making the connections of Power swiches

Now the big question arised was, Why 12V 1Amp adaptor is being short circuit even if it is getting sufficient amout of load as of its capacity? The main big reason behind this short cercuit is variation and fluctuation in incoming electric load.

Soldering to the connections

Connection, Fabrication and Installation:

Power connectors have been installed on each fan for ON-OFF operation. all the soldering work done very neatly, use of heat shrink at wire joints and all the joints were covered by hot glue to make it electric shock proof.

Welding operation for stand making
Ready stand for installing solar panels

For installing the solar panel a stand foundation is manufactured and installed successfully with fastners fitting on room angles.

Installing DC fan in Computer lab
Solar panels mounted on fabricated stand

Now all the fans are working well in good sunny weather and with 12 V – 2 Amp DC adapter.