Participate : 1 . Karkhile Ganesh

2 . Korde Amol

3 .Ichake Poonam

complate solar charger station
connection of the solar charge station
circuit photo
information of the solar dyer
panel is solar charge station
battery of the solar charge station

information of the roll component . pcb board are the sholder in component usb is a connection is a combine regulator voltage capacitor 7802 main connection battery to the diode connected in battery usb is fix circuit this charger system use in panel choosing .panel is 8.95 v using system installation in project panel is are adjust in 20 degree in a fix panel this system current is 1.3 A and battery voltage is 6 v in use a mobile charge in 5 v and current in a 1 A

diode, Battery , voltage regulator 7802 . battery is fix in a battery junction box . junction box are in

frist day