Hello, I am Mahendra Sawant joined VA from 1st January 2020 as Entrepreneur development In charge.
VA is a well known source of technology development and technology updating organization. Very first day I visited Vigyan Ashram  was looking simple from outside but after seen various technological developments projects in Engineering and Agriculture departments I really excited. It was great pleasure to meet Yogesh Kulkarni Sir, Ranjit Sir , Dixit Sir and motivated team.
I have started work here with Suhas Labade Sir on Solar internship batch of CT BORA college students. As per the preplanning of Solar batch we have categorized batch students as per specific groups for easy communication and Coordination with students.

               Solar internship Program includes combine assignments of Solar PV system and Solar thermal applications. As per Planning of first week Basic Electrical and Electronics subject basic knowledge of Electrical and Electronics by Aditi madam and Suhas Labade Sir respectively. after theory lecture each project group have given a certain tasks like, Solar LED bulb, Solar mobile charging station, Solar foldable mobile charger, DC fan , solar Scheffler system automation etc.  I coordinated with Suhas for implementation of these assignments. I learned very important strategy regarding goal setting and business motivation and opportunities from guest lecture of Mr.Kiran Inamdar sir

    For Solar  Thermal assignments I have guided for projects like Cooking(kitchen) Energy Audit study, solar box type Cooker and Solar water Heater system Piping insulation .In  assignment I have given training to students regarding there project procedure , How to use measuring instruments like IR Gun, Solar power meter etc. explained Solar  water  heater design procedure and calculations .For each group explained technical parameters and calculations to find out efficiency of applications. 

In the third week of CT Bora college batch I and Mr.Sanket (JRF, Solar) make a tour of Solar appliances installed by SELCO limited namely Solar PV system for DIC workshop, sewing machine, Solar Refrigeration, Solar milking machine etc. I have explained solar PV system details, Solar PV cells efficiency calculations Load calculations, Selection of parts like battery , invertor design of PV system etc. As a Energy Conservation awareness on Green Energy and as per Planning I have given script and taken practice of student for Energy Act . 

Explaining Solar PV System Design
Guided Student group on Solar box type cooker project and calculations
Guided students on subject design of Solar water heater system
Guided students on Energy Conservation Act