To make a DC to AC solar inverter for a load of 50 watt.

Need of the project:

At Vigyan ashram, we have a greywater treatment system which treats grey water from ashram’s kitchen and food lab. The system has two water tanks which need aeration. We have already installed 2 air bubblers of 25 watts each for aeration. The air compressors of the bubbler run on AC power supply but due to unavailability of 24*7 electricity, the aeration process gets affected.

To tackle this issue we decided to use solar energy and make a solar inverter which will convert DC supply provided by the solar panel into 220 volts 50 Hz AC supply.

Load requirment:

Following are the requirments of the 2 air compressors,

Power- 25 watts each.

Voltage- 220V

Current- 0.11A

Market Visit:

I visited Pune electronics market to check availability of solar inverter. After a long search, a DC to AC converter was found, which when tested proved to be non-functioning.

Non functioning DC to AC converter

After the failure of the purchased DC to AC converter, we searched for an inverter circuit on the internet. We found such a circuit and decided to give it a try. This particular circuit supposedly converts 24V DC power supply into 220V 50Hz AC.

Description of the circuit:


  1. IC SG3524 – 1 Nos
  2. Transistor TIP41 – 2Nos
  3. Resistors- 4 Ohm*1 Nos, 100 Ohm*2 Nos,1K Ohm*2 Nos, 4.7K Ohm*2 Nos, 100K Ohm*2 Nos, 20K Ohm*1 Nos.
  4. Capacitors- 0.001 microfarad*1 Nos, 0.1 microfarad*2 Nos, 100 microfarad*1 Nos.
  5. Step up transformer- 12-0-12, 500mA .
Circuit made at Vigyan ashram