In Ashram, there was requirement for 4 liters of compost bacterial broth. This broth was required for spraying on kitchen waste collected in ‘Akshay composter’ 1)to check the action of compost bacterial broth on the collected degradable waste, 2)to check how broth and composter works hand in hand, 3)to increase the bacterial load in the kitchen waste and convert it into useful manure.

4 Liters of Bacterial Compost Broth was made for compost preparation. It was made as follows:

  1. 4 liters of water was autoclaved.
  2. According to the composition table below, nutrients were added after cooling down the autoclaved water in a Can.
Peptone 20 g
Sodium Chloride20 g
HM Peptone 6 g
Yeast Extract6 g

3. 20 ml of Compost culture was inoculated in that Can and this ‘Can’ was further kept on the shaker for 48 hrs at 100 rpm.

On Evaluation, Correction suggested in Procedure was as follows:

  1. Can used for broth was supposed to be was washed with potassium permanganate before use.
  2. After the addition of nutrients and before inoculation of culture, the broth was supposed to be autoclaved.
4 Liters of Compost Culture Broth