One customer wants to buy an amla cutting machine from us. So this project is given to me to make a design and give a quotation to the customer.

We have already a four blade amla cutter machine in campus.So I measure a dimensions of this machine for making a design.

The customer wants a quotation and design of both single blade and four blade amla cutting machine.

So I make a design of both machine and give a design and quotation to the customer.

photo of four blade amla cutting machine
design of four blade amla cutting machine
single blade amla cutting machine

  • Specifications of the machine –
Working TechnologyHand Operated
Machinery UsedSingle Blade, Four Blade
CapacityAs per individuals
Type of products can be processAmla
Approximate CostSingle Blade (7500 Rs /-)
Four blade (30000 Rs /-)