Why need the vertical terrace gardening

In urban areas it is very difficult to take crops due to unavailability of land so vertical terrace gardening is the best solution of these. to take more product from less land.

  • The five things very important for vertical terrace gardening.

1.which type of media used.

2.watering system.

3.which type of roof system used.

4.planting material.

5.which type of plant u grow.

  • we growth many types of plants in vertical terrace gardening.

vegetables- leafy vegetable,fruits vegetable.

flowers-many  types of flower for show peace purpose.

controlled environment-maintained humidity and temperature for growing plants.

  • First of all i started work on tabletop aquaponic.

find the all information related to tabletop aquaponic.

required material.

1.fish tank 10 lit capacity.

2.Tray -used for growing bed.

3.submersible pump.

4.Bell siphon.

5.inlet,elbow,PVC pipe

6.Growing media.



1.First of all take 10 lit capacity tank.

2.used tray for growing bed.

3.making bell siphon.

4.creating hole for inserting inlet pipe.

5.attached the submersible pump to the pipe.

6.used bubblier for maintaining oxygen level.

7.growing media-cutting  brick.


After completed prototype model i measured the how much time required for filling the tray and note the time,and also observed the peak level of water and siphon start draining.



After i completed the small model of aquaponic the basic idea is cleared. then i started the work on new aquaponic structure required for client.the aquaponic structure is made of with the help of  polycarbonet  material.first of all i understand the which design is suitable for these.

First draw the design then calculate how much pipe ,elbows,and t-joint required for these structure.First of all i started the work on stand required for holding the  growing bed tray and fish tank .find out the correct dimension and start the wok.collect the all material like PVC pipe ,elbows, T-joint etc cut the pipe for proper dimension and making stand.


Then i started the work on making tray.first i understand the how work the laser   cutter and cut polycarbonet material on laser cutter.the 6 tank required all the material cut then one bye one whole tank is joint with the help of fevikwik. the black insulated material used for outer side for reducing the likage.

  1. Plywood kept on the stand for holding tray, fish tank, and growing bed.
  2. Submersible pump was used for lifting the water and these water transform from bottom tank to the in upper side tank.
  3. At the bottom of the upper side tray we made a bell siphon. Water was transform from tray to growing bed with the help of PVC pipe.
  4. After filling the growing bed extra water was drawn on the semicircle PVC pipe.
  5. Hose pipe was attached to the semicircle PVC pipe and water was transfer through the hose pipe.
  6. Hose pipe draws the water in the fish tank.
  7. Siphon was used for maintaining water level in both tank.
  8. Timer was used on 15 min interval for refilling tray.


tank design.png


The basic concept growing the plant vertical manner .so cut the hole at 45  degree and inserted inclined pipe for plants grow towards the sunlight for that purpose.in middle the tank used large size PVC pipe  for composting purpose.the media used for side of the composting unit is vermiculite coco-peat and rice husk.these is the best media for growing plant.


1.First i choose 200 liter drum for  vertical gardening purpose.

2.measure the dimension of drum and mark equal distance.

3.first cut the PVC pipe 45 degree  and mark put the pipe on drum and mark with the help of pencil.

4.first drill the middle portion with the help of drilling machine.

5.after drilling the whole portion is cut with the help of jig saw.

6.then inserted the pipe inclined manner.

after i find which media is suitable for these structure.

so i choose 4 medias -rice husk,vermiculite,coco peat,and soil and find out water holding capacity and moisture content and bulk density.

Sr.noName of mediaquantityAmount of waterTimeWeightWater holding capacity
1Rice husk10 gm25 ml30 min22.76 gm56%
2Bentonite10 gm25 ml30 min20.68 gm52%
3Vermiculite10 gm25ml30 min13.68 gm26%
4Cocopeat10 gm25 ml30 min16.6 gm40%
5Soil10 gm25 ml30 min10.87 gm8%
6Compost by bio drum10 gm25 ml30 min16.54 gm40%

Find out the bulk density.


  1. Take 25 ml cylindrical flask.
  2. Fill with coco-peat.
  3. Weigh and note weight.
  4. Repeat with other media of whole procedure.
Sr. No.Name of mediaWeight of mediaBulk density(gm/cc)
1.Coco-peat9.87 gm0.4
2.Bentonite27.23 gm1.09
3.Rice husk   4.54 gm0.18
4.vermiculite13.49 gm0.54
5soil 52 gm2.08

then find the moisture content.

media                 water holding capacity     weight     bulk density    moisture content.

rice husk                       0.56                               100            0.18                      56

vermiculite                   0.26                               500             0.54                    130

coco-peat                       0.4                                 200              0.4                       80

soil                                 0.08                                 100              2.08                        8

compost                        0.4                                  100                o.88                        40



measurement of planter or vertical tower-height-87 cm

inner diameter-54.5 cm

outer diameter-57 cm

volume of planter-3.14*742.56*87=202852.54 cubic centimeter

volume of com poster pipe-3.14*59.44*87=16237.81 cubic centimeter.

original volume of tank-202852.54-16237.81=186614.73 cubic centimeter

media                                             wight                          volume

rice husk                                     100 gm                          850 ml

coco-peat                                   200 gm                             1840 ml

vermiculite                              500 gm                                1500 ml

compost(dry matter)-           100 gm                                  200 ml

soil                                          100 gm                                     90 ml

Total                                        1000 gm                                 4480 ml



=0.2232 gm/cc

total weight of media in vertical tower =186614.73*0.2232=41652.40 gm or 41.65kg


media                         weight

Rice husk                  4.16 kg

vermiculite              20.82 kg

coco -peat                 8.33 kg

soil                             4.16 kg

compost                     4.16 kg

total                             41.65 kg

proportion    (1:5:2:1:1)


RESULT-Good media for plant growth is rice husk+vermiculite+coco-peat+soil+compost in the proportion of 1:5:2:1:1

2nd model of vertical gardening.

20180319_165632 (1)
bottel structure2


The wastage bottle is for the growth of the plant. The structure is basically designed for that purpose. bottles hang four side, and upper portion tank or tray is take for the purpose of irrigation system.the drip irrigation system apply in the middle of upper bottle therefor water is circulated first bottle to last bottle.the main advantage is more plant growing in smaller space, and used minimum water or reduce the wastage of water.

work done-

1.first i draw the rough sketch of the structure and fix the dimension.

2.then i draw the structure design in 123D .

3.Collect the all material in the scrap. first make the bottom frame of 170*70mm. then cut the  four  rod 205 cm dimension.and weld to the bottom frame with the help of arc welding.

4.After that make the upper frame for the supporting structure of tank or tray.

5.after make the roof structure.