The world is in your hand ,now use it!-Phil Collins

Hand ,without which we can not do a single work.Think about people who have lost there hands due to some or other reasons.It must be difficult for them to do day to day work.Now solution for this is an artificial hand called prosthetic hand which mimic the action of normal hand to some extent.


We are trying to make a low-cost prosthetic hand. For this we are taking help of ‘Hackeberry hand’.


Hackberry Hand-It is open source 3D printed bionic hand ,where everyone all over the world is welcome to develop prototype.The main goal here is to develop an artificial arm that can be platform where developer and artificial arm users worldwide can build and customize the arm as they wish.


Hackberry hand is open source platform meaning, one can have access to all of there design files for making prosthetic hand including electronics, sensor boards and .stl files for printing 3d hand parts. In this basically, there are three parts 3d printing, electronics -sensor board and assembly.I have allotted for the electronics and sensors design part in this project. While collecting information and studying i noticed that the sensor use in this is IR sensor .And normally available prosthetic uses an EMG sensor and hence  it is low cost.