Objective:  making hand operated shredder or cutter for kitchen waste.

Material:  metal pipe, metal sheet, grinder cutter, bench grinder, welding assembly, polish paper, primer, paint.


Total length of shredder: 152cm

Length of pipe: 148 cm

Blade height: 10cm

Blade length: 20 cm


  • First I was observed the existing designs of shredder which was used to cut or shred the kitchen waste for composting.
  • Take measurements of these designs for reference.
  • Then I was selecting the material from scrap for making shredder.
  • First cut the pipe with the help of cutter.
  • After that cut the plate in U-shape for cutting waste material into the small size.
  • Fitted the both plate into each other.
  • Made same four cuts on the pipe by grinder
  • gave finishing for the blades and pipe by grinding blade
  • Sharpened the edges of the blades with bench grinder
  • After fitting welding was done with electric arc welding method
  • Polished of shredder was carried out with the help of the polish paper. 
  • Finally gave the primer and colour to the shredder.