Objective : To fix the table plywood for incinerator machine

Maretial: plywood,measure tape, pencil,plywood cutter,jig saw,planer,screws,drilling machine,screw socket and thinner.

Length of table: 4ft.
Width: 3 ft.


  • First observed some models of tables.
  • Took the measurement of table stand
  • Then found out the  plywood
  • Marked the given dimension on plywood with the help of marker and measure tape
  • jig saw and plywood cutter was used to cut the plywood
  • The vibrator was used to plane the side surface of the plywood
  • Selected the screw on the basis of size of the plywood and metal bar
  • Marked the points on which the screw fit
  • The screw was fitted in the plywood and metal bar with the help of the drilling machine with screw socket
  • After fitting the plywood was cleaned with the thinner .