Milking machine :-

A machine is used to draw milk from a cow or other animal. The solar powered milking machine enable farmers to reduce their production time by speeding up the milking process and also provide back up power during power cuts.

Now they can have milking machines operated on solar energy this minimizing bills and labour cost. In the absence of power dairy farmers have to depend on disel or motor. This machine prize is 65000 to 70000 and reduces stress throughout the lactation by creating good milking routions.

Solar Charge collector for milking machine
Milking Machine

Sewing machine :-

A machine with a mechanicaly driven needle for sewing or stitching cloth.

This machine required 100 watt panel, charge controller and 12volt battery. The charge controller is peals width modulation (pwm) and dc motor is 60 watt. This sewing machine dc motor is available in permanent magnet coil. This coil is used to rotated the machine. The solar powered sewing machine designed to run for 8 operating hours on solar energy.

Charge controller
12volt Battery
Sewing machine